Second Trimester Fitness Essentials

September 8, 2023

The Goods

(listed from lowest impact to highest impact activity)

  1. Aerie OFFLINE Real Me Leggings – whether I’m getting dressed for a long road trip or a casual yoga session, these are the leggings (or shorts) that I reach for. They’re lightweight, unrestrictive, and the fabric isn’t prone to pilling or collecting fur (huge win). The best part is that they’re almost always on sale for around $30 so when I found out I was pregnant, I immediately bought 10 pairs of the leggings and the shorts. I just went ahead and ordered a size up from what I usually wear and it’s still working really well even now that I’m in my third trimester!
  2. Aerie Real Me Sports Bra – this is one item that I’ve continued to wear in my normal size throughout my pregnancy. My ribcage has definitely widened and I’m no longer a proud member of the IBTC, but this fabric is just so lightweight and dreamy that my original size has still been working for me! It offers moderate coverage to where I am still able to go for a run or do a plyo workout without discomfort, but I wouldn’t consider this a high impact sports bra for anyone larger than a C cup.
  3. Vitality Daydream Short – Another lightweight, flexible favorite! I tend to feel like my bump gets bigger as the day goes on, so I’ve been loving garments that feel like they stretch with you and aren’t super restrictive!
  4. The Gym People Longline Bra – This tank reminds me so much of the lululemon version, but if it was made in something similar to their Luxtreme fabric. It’s sweat wicking for intense workouts or to wear on hot summer days. I love the built-in bra feature so the girls are secured but there’s no fussy layering. As I’ve gotten later into my pregnancy, I’ve upgraded from a s/xs to a medium and purchased them in every single color. They’re one of the only tanks I’ll wear on a regular basis.
  5. Kamo Fitness Ellyn Longline Bra: I love a high neck moment and cute seam detailing. These come in a really nice brushed fabric that’s super soft and buttery. The high neckline combined with the built-in bra makes these perfect for higher impact activities.
  6. Ascend Volley Short (pant option) – THESE, you guys! I can’t say enough incredible things about these leggings. Do you ever put on a pair of leggings and instantly feel incredible about yourself? Because these leggings have always done that for me, and they continue to do so even through the wild ride of pregnancy. During pregnancy, your body is going through so many different changes that sometimes you just want to put on a pair of leggings that makes you feel flawless (or at least like the best possible version of yourself). I don’t know if it’s the double seam detail, the booty contouring, or the compression fabric but these really smooth everything out and accentuate your curves in all the right ways. They also hold up super well during workouts, and have quickly become a favorite of mine for cardio and my toughest workouts!

I spent my second trimester in the midst of a pretty warm summer, so although I did link the relevant longer length items for most of these, this list is comprised of mostly tanks and shorts. I will be making a third trimester favorites post later this year which will be packed full of all my winter fitness finds!

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